Now Actors - BENJI WADE
Now Actors - BENJI WADE
Now Actors - BENJI WADE


Benji is a passionate and creative individual who possesses a deep love for the dramatic arts. His acting journey started in high school where he discovered his passion in drama class. He not only fell in love with acting but also performed at the top of his class. Following high school, he was appointed as the drama coordinator for a local community group. In this role, he not only coordinated various community skits, but also actively participated in them.
Although his career took him on different paths in fitness, news media, music, and IT, the allure of the dramatic arts pulled him back in. Benji has re-immersed himself back into the world of acting, having completed several short courses in screen acting at institutes such as NIDA & Screenwise. Additionally, he dedicates himself to weekly classes under the guidance of highly respected industry coaches.
Benji has gained practical experience on set and is seeking to broaden his horizons and expand his repertoire through new and exciting opportunities.

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