Now Actors - Thomas Goth-Towney
Now Actors - Thomas Goth-Towney

Thomas Goth-Towney

A passionate and multi-talent driven professional, Thomas “Wombat” Goth-Towney began his career (and got his name) back in 2011 when he was cast in a small YouTube parody series of Man Vs Wild; where he played “Wombat Grylls: Bear Grylls’ Australian Cousin”. Not long into this short-lived series, while training, he came across a stunt performer who happened to be training at his gym. A few training sessions later, and Wombat decided what his career was going to be. He sought out a stunt coordinator and began training as a stunt performer; and before long Wombat earned his “Stunt Action Person” licence. Immediately after this, he began a full-time course in acting at Sydney Theatre School. Three years later he emerged both a trained Actor, and Stuntman. Wombat spent the next few years aggressively pursuing roles big and small, trying to make his mark. From almost 2 dozen short films, multiple roles on the ABC, a feature film, and a documentary, Wombat has never lost passion for his love of film, or action; and continues training with professionals in both worlds every day.

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