Now Actors - Giles Roberts
Now Actors - Giles Roberts
Now Actors - Giles Roberts
Now Actors - Giles Roberts

Giles Roberts

Hi I’m Giles, experienced, professional and reliable all round talent. Known as ‘Gino’ by friends and stage members alike (or more simply ‘G’) I began my journey into the performance arts at an early age through large family social gatherings where song, dance and theatrics were part and parcel of the culture.

I also had an alternative primary education where acting / performing and general creative experiences were the nature of the curriculum. As a teen I avoided all mainstream types of production (high school musicals, etc) still producing works in my own right (music, community projects etc) and really cemented my craft rekindling my love of acting and performance whilst studying at Film school and working on cinema and theatre type production in Sydney post UWA university studies.

I’ve spent the last decade based mainly in Sydney, booked largely on commercial acting jobs throughout NSW, VIC and QLD whilst also working freelance on my own small productions and diverse community arts based projects.

More recently i’ve been on assignment in in Latin America (Chile) projecting on various local and international commercials as well as some intercultural series and other smaller independent productions.

I’ve completed a BA in ARTS Communications and various small acting and clown workshops but otherwise have no formal training in the direct field of acting instead drawing from a large amount of worldy experience, related creative roles across various related disciplines and most importantly by being consistently on the job as an actor, director or producer.

I’ve been involved in 1000’s of productions over the past fifteen years so I’m well versed in screen production and in directing and producing talent.
Having worked roles on each side of production I understand the basics of both the Arts and Ad industry’s story telling styles and apply that knowledge and work ethic to any role.

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