Now Actors - Stacey Broomhead
Now Actors - Stacey Broomhead
Now Actors - Stacey Broomhead

Stacey Broomhead

Stacey is an actor based in Perth WA. Originally from the UK, Stacey relocated to Australia in 2012. Stacey trained in Performing Arts in England and was a member of Darlington’s Theatre Company. After moving to Australia Stacey decided to take a turn into Screen Acting and has since continued to upkeep her studying.
Stacey has a natural likeability on camera. Stacey’s passion lays in playing comedic and drama roles. Stacey brings honesty, spontaneous to roles and is intriguing on camera. Stacey has been cast in a pilot TV series, short films and theatre productions. Recently Stacey cowritten, coproduced and performed in “Me Too The Musical” which was listed as Urban List’s “8 of Fringe World Best Comedy Shows”.
Stacey is trained in Australian, Standard British and American accent. Stacey is also trained in various UK accents

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