Now Actors - Axel Bebbington
Now Actors - Axel Bebbington

Axel Bebbington

Emily Bebbington was born in Tokyo, Japan and moved to Perth in 2003. Since then, she discovered her passion for acting as a child, and studied drama throughout the rest of her schooling. Whilst being in drama performances, she has also developed her skills in acrobatics and dance, as well as being trained to play over 5 musical instruments.

Passionate about storytelling, Emily actively pursues roles that further her skills as an actress, and also serve to tell a tale. Recently, she has been involved with multiple theatre companies, and has written, produced and starred in musical productions. She has also appeared in short films and commercials since graduating from Churchlands Senior High School.

Emily enjoys challenging roles and is unafraid of the hard work and dedication required to serve those roles justice, and displays courteous professionalism in all aspects of her work.

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