Now Actors - Brett D' Souza
Now Actors - Brett D' Souza

Brett D' Souza

Brett D’Souza is a graphic designer who became an editor, that became a motion designer who realised he’s a comedian that wants to be a director. He’s still a director, however, recently he discovered that he also likes the other side of the camera.

Brett’s been a director for over 20 years, he specialises is making documentaries, and comedy. Whilst he hasn’t had any formal training, all these years working with actors, and helping non actors to find their voice, means that Brett knows how to perform, what is required to communicate, and what engages the viewer.

Brett has appeared in an episode of ‘Fisk’ alongside Kitty Flanegan and Broden Kelly. His comedy documentary about selling his house, ‘Private Sale – The worlds greatest ever house sale’, has captured the attention of the media.

Brett is a storyteller that knows how to engage.

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